Saturday, December 17, 2011

Faces of Sign Spam - Bob Brenner, RES Realty

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman, image from the RES Realty Group website.

Thanks, Ed Kohler, for the inspiration to directly point out who is putting sign spam up in our neighborhoods.

While driving down Penn and Dowling today, I came across a piece of sign spam that was placed on the corner where a cemetery and funeral home were.  That's low, even for a spammer.  The dilapidated sign was snatched up and taken away.  Then I went back home and searched for the phone number shown, and Mr. Brenner came up right away.  We're usually not so fortunate as to get an image of our sign spammers, but Brenner's big suit came right up.

Searching for more info on Brenner's spamming business brings up all sorts of interesting connections...

He's listed as an agent for RES Realty Group, but the website on the sign,, doesn't have him prominently featured anywhere.  There is one north Minneapolis property that comes up, 4343 Logan Avenue North.  A Brooke Laroque is listed on the city's website as the property owner, but Hennepin County has a generic name, Urban Properties LLC as the owner.  According to the Minnesota Secretary of State, Urban Properties is located at 1821 3rd St NE, a homesteaded property owned by Jennifer L Meyer.

Bob Brenner, you are today's face of sign spam, and if more of these pieces of litter show up in our community, Jennifer Meyer can expect them on her front lawn.


  1. That address is also listed as the home office of several other assumed businesses including National Diversified Services, Inc. who's Chief Executive Officer is Jennifer Koch at 1821 3rd Street NE and Paraty Properties, LLC.- 612-245-6685 registered under a Brian G Koch for that address. Paraty Properties LLC. owns 2715 Girard Ave N, 3120 Hennepin Ave, 2507 Logan, and most probably a host of other North Minneapolis rentals.

    Also listed is Webemarketing LLC. registered under Jenifer Meyer Koch at 4824 W 40th Ln, St Louis Park, MN 55416. This is a 1,950 sf home in St. Louis park that recently sold for $249,900?


    Wow. That is a terrible domain name.

  3. WHAT A SCAM! Not only are they funneling clients into overpriced homes with rent -to-own options with huge balloon payments - but they charge for the privilege.

    "Our Platinum Service costs $495 and is fully refundable. If we don’t present at least one good house that meets your criteria within 60 days, or if you are not approved for the program, you get all your money back. You get your money back whether we find you a home or we don’t!

    The cost of the Custom Home Finder Program is fully credited to you at contract execution and applies towards your required option fee or down payment. For example, if you are purchasing a property with a required down payment or option fee of $5,000, you would only need an additional $4,505 plus your first month’s payment at contract execution ($5,000-$495=$4,505).

    Click on the PayPal Buy Now button below. Once you have paid the $495, we will contact you and get more information."

    I also notice quite a bit of interchange in property ownership of many of their listings to unrepeatable players like Slumlord Howie Gangestad and Broker James H Callahan.


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