Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anonymous Details on 1541 Hillside

3328 E Lake St.
Pre-jump post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, post-jump by an anonymous contributor.  Photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Much like when I published an exploratory post about Paul Koenig's $2.5-million foreclosure, my post on 1541 Hillside Avenue North prompted a similar outpouring of information.  The delicious irony is that I mistakenly made a few connections of my own on 1541 Hillside by getting it confused with a nearby former Pamiko house, 1547 Hillside.

An anonymous commenter sent me the following information on the property in question.  The one disclaimer is that I have not had time to verify the information here, but it is written and referenced in a way that appears credible.  Our anonymous contributor says...
...Looking at the Truth in Housing report for 1541 Hillside that expires 04/30/2012 it appears that most of the repairs needed to the home are updates to plumbing and alarm systems. Some electrical work appears to be suggested, although since the electrical service was not on at time of inspection it is hard to tell. No significant structural deficiencies were noted.

A total of  $29,401 of Assessments have been levied on this property since 2007.  The City has cancelled the fee for vacant Boarded buildings twice for 2010/2011 totaling $12,910.

So, why would they do that when the property is obviously not being maintained and those assets could be used to provide incentives for a new owner to rehab the property and benefit the community? Is it because the owners are in good standing with CPED and a trusted relationship exists?

The Hennepin County Treasurer lists the Taxpayer of 1541 hillside as Equitron Holdings Llc -  3328 Lake St E Minneapolis Mn 55406 whose registered agent is Noilya Muharamova. Equitron  Holdings Llc is listed on several other tax documents as residing at  2809 Cliff Rd.Burnsville 55337.

Noilya Muharamova  owns and is a registered taxpayer on numerous other properties including 7400 Bush Lake Dr. Bloomington, 115 58th St E, 3012 Park Ave, 3414 Elliot Av, 1325 Butler Court St. Paul,  and other properties in Naples, FL.

Equitron Holdings Llc  lists other local properties - 3455 4th St. N , 3531 4th St N, 3510 6th St N, 4047 Sheridan Ave N, 4207 Sheridan Ave N , 3618 Queen Ave N, 3511 Dupont Ave N, 3431 Emerson Ave N, 3141 38TH AVE S, and 3807 Aldrich Ave N  in Minneapolis, MN 55412. 

These properties seem to have a reoccurring theme of separate owners, property management organizations, and taxpayers.  At 1541 Hillside the property owner is - Donna V Butler

Donna Butler, 8438 Mississippi Blvd NW Coon Rapids MN 55433 USA is listed as the authorized agent of each entity DVB PROPERTIES I LLC,  DVB PROPERTIES II LLC, or  DVB PROPERTIES III LLC each filled separately with the state of Minnesota. She owns a slew of her own properties and why she is fronts for Equitron Holdings is suspicious at best.

Another reoccurring ownership name is Royan A Allison 1723 Morgan Avenue North, MN 55411  651-521-2380. Royan is also listed as a manager with All Area Management LLC in several documents.

Lawrence Esso (who is listed on most documents associated with these properties) is the registered agent with the State for All Area Management LLC, Business file # 3819077-2 with a address of 3445 Longfellow Ave #2 yet all real estate documents list the business and contact address of All Area Management at the same location as registered to Equitron Holdings Llc. At 3328 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406  507-382-2608 / 612-824-0056

Another interesting fact is that the Truth in Housing document listed on all these properties (regardless of who the owner is) link back to Steve Scarella of City County Fed. Credit Union (a not-for-profit financial cooperative).

So, with all the real estate holding of these companies you would think that they own their own office right? No Way!

According to Hennepin County Tax records 3328 E Lake St. is owned by - 301 17th Holding Llc,  Owned by Daniel McCarrell 4387 Lily Ave N Lake Elmo MN 55042 (651) 773-3179

3328 is listed under the Master address of 3326 E Lake St. a mixed residential property on Lake Street. (The only business license for these structures was for an African Grocery that was revoked several months after the store opened back in 1997) Special assessments on these properties include a 2011 total of $8559 that have all been cancelled by the City. 

Daniel McCarrell and his wife own other properties including 1505 Main St. N E which (Like all other properties listed here) has assessments and is bank owned by the St Croix Finance Company (a private non-profit organization which operates exclusively for the economic development of St. Croix County, Wisconsin). They also own a Brooklyn Park Property at 6434 
84th Ct N.

So, at 1541 Hillside we have a house that is not structurally deficient that is condemned because Crooks, Poverty Pimps and Speculators have run roughshod through the community with “limited Liability” for the consequences. Our City not only has no will power to prevent it, but has enabled these crooks by forgiving assessments badly needed to maintain and rebuild our community. It is so much easier to destroy homes than do what needs to be done to protect the community.


  1. Dyna here: I'll be going down to Naples, FL right after xmas and will be happy to check any of the properties there for you.

  2. Interesting little footnote to 3807 Aldrich Ave. N.

    1. I'm a former tenant of 3531 4th st n No contact for return of deposit. HELP!

  3. I was a renter at 3531 4th st n. I moved in Dec. 31, 2012 and left before April 30th, 2013. I've yet to receive my deposit back and am having a hard time contacting the former landlord, Charles Simmons. Any idea where I can go with this? I see the property tax record shows EMC Investments of Woodbury.

  4. 11315 12th Ave N Apt 8
    Plymouth MN 55441
    Is listed on tax documents as being owned by:

    3328 E LAKE ST

    An obviously troubled home in the area.

  5. My neighbor's live in an "Esso" property. Police have been out dozens upon dozens of times since they have been there. Legally they should have been evicted bu. now.


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