Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prelude to Buying Into NoMi

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman

After announcing my intentions to spend a year buying as much as possible with a connection to NoMi, I've been informally watching some of my purchases.  I'm kind of hoping this also makes me more conscious of everyday spending, and it may change some basic habits for the better.  There have been times when I put my paycheck in the bank, stop at the gas station to fill up the tank, and get some guacamole and bean dip.  Then, by the time I get home, it (meaning my paycheck...and the gasoline...and since I'm being honest here, also the guacamole and bean dip) is just GONE, and I can't seem to figure out why.  That sort of thing should happen with less frequency if I'm tracking my spending rather closely.

So, with that in mind, let's examine some of the noteworthy purchases, focusing on what I did NOT buy in or connected to NoMi...

Purchase least likely to be found in NoMi:  The graphic novel pictured above, "Cuba, My Revolution."  (which, by the way, is NOT for the kiddies)  Latin American politics - especially those of Central America and the islands - have long fascinated me.  I find the storytelling mechanisms of graphic novels almost as mesmerizing.  So when a book written by a Cubana expatriate came out, I had to pick it up.  If anyone knows where I might find things like this in or connected to NoMi, please use the comment section.

Big ticket item to be purchased in NoMi:  My electrical system on my car needs a checkup.  Could get pricey, but thankfully both Highland Auto on Lowry and Lyndale, and Vina Auto on Emerson and 26th do excellent work at reasonable prices.

Upcoming big ticket item not related to NoMi:  When I bought an iPod several years ago, I foolishly thought that 500 songs would be more than enough space.  Who needs to carry around more than 500 songs at a time? I thought with more than a bit of naivete.  If that the car repair isn't too pricey, this may be a pickup.  I will certainly buy one in the next few months, but in some ways it feels a bit like cheating to buy things like this BEFORE this project starts.

(Least) Guilty pleasure outside of NoMi:  It's been far to long since I've had a lamb burger at the Butcher Block.  If "Machete" were a better movie, I'd feel good about seeing it in the theater instead of buying it bootlegged at Hawthorn(sic) Crossings.

Upcoming mundane NoMi purchase:  I need an umbrella.  Hopefully one of our hardware stores carries those.

Most guilty non-NoMi purchase:  I know not one but TWO friends who run or work at barber shops.  And yet, I went to my regular stylist.  With all the festivities in September (MetLife award, Harvest Days, 3rd Ward Summit, Hawthorne Annual Dinner) and Jimmy Carter in early October, I didn't want to risk being dissatisfied with a haircut.  Next time, I promise, it'll be in or related to NoMi.

So, if my purchasing patterns are any kind of a microcosm for what we have and don't have available to us in our community, it seems like we're missing books, movies, electronics, and more quality sit-down restaurants.  Depending on what I decide to do about my non-NoMi purchases, this could be a long year.


  1. Lamburger? Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

  2. I don't understand why you are procrastinating this spending resolution? What's the point in putting it off?

  3. @ I.I., the lamb burger at the Butcher Block is so delicious on its own that putting any kind of condiment on it would be an insult to the chef, the restaurant itself, and even the lamb.

    @ anon 9:01, I'm delaying for two reasons. First, because I want my primary focus of a "project," so to speak, to be on the North High Polars football team. And second, a little lead-in time will give me a chance to examine my purchases and hopefully find some connection to or within NoMi by the time I get rolling.

  4. Your answer still doesn't make any sense. Or dollars.

  5. It's still going to be a full 12 months no matter when I start.

  6. Wait, it's only going to be 12 months that you spend your money in NoMi?

    Now this makes even more less sense (or dollars).

  7. Jeff, I completely agree on your notion of not insulting a great dish with condiments. When I'm out for steak and the server asks if I'd like any steak sauce to go with it, I answer: "God, I hope not."

  8. Anon 12:04, I spend almost all of my money here already. I just haven't been intentional about tracking it and seeing where my non-NoMi money goes. The whole exercise is meant to highlight what we have here in NoMi, what we don't have, and how one might go about finding local/neighborhood connections to their everyday purchases.


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