Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harvest Festival and Home Tour Showcase NoMi!

Post, photos, and videos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Topping last year's Lowry Avenue dedication in the surprisingly cold weather would be difficult, but thanks to DOCS Gym, this year's Harvest Festival did just that.  Another blog and a slideshow post have already covered this event quite well, so let's go (more or less) straight to the

right after a word from a local business...

Pair O' Dice Pizza also had a booth, but I opted for a healthier lunch.  That meant less calories to burn off when I brought out the hula hoops and taught some kids from Ascension a thing or two.  I'm still amazed at how quickly children of almost any age pick up hula hooping.  These teenagers got the basics down instantly.  There was even a kid who was maybe five years old, and in about ten minutes she had a hooping trick down pat where she had it rotating around her neck.  (This was about the only height at which the hoop would stay off the ground; she was that short.)  In comparison, it took me over a month to even get the most basic moves down.

And then there was this,

Everybody, on the count of three...1, 2, 3, AWWWWWW
which still didn't match the cutest photo of the day.

After the Harvest Festival, an open house was held at "The Maples," a beautifully restored Queen Anne cottage house.  This is on the market for a mere $89,900 and is absolutely GORGEOUS.

The house has been nicknamed "The Maples" because of the maple trees out front that provide a  near-perfect filter for the sunlight.  And the house has many other features as well:

  1. a sturdy "shaker porch" on the second floor
  2. an oversize yard
  3. across from Farview Park
  4. close to bus lines and bike lanes
  5. a clean Truth in Housing report
  6. great neighbors (including yours truly, living just across the alley)
  7. Taxes that are much lower than similar properties
At $89,900, how can you pass this up?  Call Margo Ashmore right now, before someone else beats you to it.

The house has also been decorated with Margo's photography and watercolor paintings by the owner, Dick Hammet.

So what are you waiting for?  Great real estate deals abound in NoMi.  Get on over here for next year's Harvest Festival!


  1. FYI, blogger seems to be acting up. On Firefox and IE, the videos are not available on the main page. But if you click on the title and bring up the post on its own, they are playable there.

  2. Maples is a wonderful house!

  3. I agree the Harvest Festival was a success. It was the best thing to happen on my block since Goddess of Glass opened up. We are right around the corner from there and I mean it! This is the year I get more involved. I was a vendor at the festival so I missed your hula hooping (and the chance to meet you) but I really want to be more active and involved. I mean beyond photographing the whores and calling 911 all the time. Looking forward to some more POSITIVE involvement! I don't know yet what that will be, but I'm going to try to find out!

  4. Is that really crackers with that spray cheese stuff on them? WTF?

  5. If you don't love crackers with spray cheese, you don't love yourself.

  6. Has "The Maples" been sold?

    The copy of North News I received in a care package in Afghanistan has a picture of the house and the word "sold."

  7. Yep, Maples has been sold to a wonderful new owner-occupant family. I wish I could have bought it, but I've got something in the works. Now all the houses on that corner are occupied as well. We've just got to export that success a block south.

  8. You get credit for publishing the news here first in this comment box, a few minutes before I could hit the publish button with a write up.

  9. Wait a second...

    All the houses on that corner occupied?

    What about the house on the VERY corner?

    You know the one I mean.


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