Friday, September 17, 2010

NXNS Exclusive: Homicide at 30th and Colfax

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

An apparent homicide was committed moments ago near the intersection of 30th and Colfax Avenues North.  Not much information is known at this time, other than that the victim is a white male.  He was shot while inside a vehicle, although it is unknown if he or the shooter, or someone else, was driving at the time.  He got out of the car, ran half a block, collapsed, and died.  The shoe in the middle of the road and what looks to be a car seat seem to be part of what happened as well.


  1. Residents who were eyewitnesses to the shooting claim the victim was Caucasian, but other reports are coming in that he was a African American with a light complexion.

  2. Does it matter? I'm pretty sure he was human. You and other internet "news" sources that are stuck on the race of this victim are equally disgusting.

  3. Basic facts such as the victim's age, gender, and race are salient points. I added the secondary comment as it appeared that my original post may not have been correct. When things like this happen, I expect I'll report the facts, including descriptions of who was involved.


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