Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Cafe to Open New Location!

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

The Olympic Cafe has made a believer out of me.  I started off quite skeptical about their appeal to open for extended hours.  They've run a good enough business to alleviate many of my concerns, and every time I've been in there I've been treated well.  Olympic is also one of the growing number of eateries that is ignoring the stigma of the northside and will deliver.  Many fine evenings spent porch-sitting with friends have been saved when we could call Olympic and get several orders of gyros with extra sauce brought right to our doorstep.

In fact, Olympic has expanded their delivery service.  It used to be that you'd have to spend $20 or more to get delivery, but now smaller orders can be brought to you for a $2.00 charge.  Olympic Cafe is opening a new location on the northside, and the photo above was taken from my dining room window, in hopes that they'll come to Penn and Broadway.


  1. And hell, when you're slinging dope on that part of West Broadway and you get a hankering for a late supper, who else is going to put something hot and delicious in front of you so late at night, at such a great price?

  2. Could they be opening at Lowry and Penn? I heard Wellington finally leased the space next to Subway, but haven't heard who it is yet. Those flyers are all over north of Lowry as well.

  3. They are indeed coming to the Penn/WBro area. They are opening in that ever-changing chicken/bbq space on the south side of Broadway, just east of the 5 Points building.

  4. I like that chicken space. I think we need a chicken space in that part of the neighborhood where minors can work and not risk sexually gratifying spankings from the management.

  5. NOO! This part of Broadway is starting to look legitimate with shops like Victorious, Mississippi Hospitality, the soul food restaurant, the chiropractor and others making good efforts to maintain attractive store fronts. The other Olympic Cafe looks like filthy, grimy HELL and always has a load of trash in front of it. I'd rather it stayed empty than allow another curbside landfill opportunity for Olympic.


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