Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leslie Davis, Sign Spammer

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

I've only met perennial candidate Leslie Davis a handful of times.  His "Earth Protector" ideas range from possibly interesting to laughable to downright financially disastrous.  But the guy does know how to make a spectacle of himself at public meetings.  He's got chutzpah, and there's no denying that he can be entertaining.

That brazen attitude led to his placement of campaign signs on Hennepin County property.  The former Kowalski's site at 44th and Humboldt, now owned by the county, was sporting some Davis for Commissioner campaign signs.  That takes a special kind of guts.  Running for Hennepin County Commissioner and illegally placing your campaign paraphernalia on county property is a pretty brazen act.

Well others can be brazen too.  Since there was a polling place a half a block away, I took the liberty of removing the signs so that people wouldn't be influenced by them in any way.  On my bike ride home, I saw quite a few more Davis for Commissioner signs on telephone poles where they had no business being.  But I couldn't remove them because there was no trash bin nearby and the signs were too large to carry around on a bicycle.

Leslie Davis, you are a sign spammer.


  1. Wow. Triple zip tie on that one.

    I hope you're going to follow up, go back and make a 311 report about sign spamming on utility poles by Leslie Davis.

  2. I don't see his his SPAM signs are any different than the ones Linda Higgins places along public right-of-ways, public property, street corners, etc. They are all just as illegal.

  3. There are no Linda Higgins signs on public rights-of-ways or public property, etc. You must be thinking of other candidates for county commissioner. I don't do that. Linda Higgins. I have now posted this twice. I hope this one goes through.

  4. Linda, I'm not referring to campaign signs necessarily. But everyone knows about your green "Vote Today" signs that spring up on street corners, and on other public property. Even though they are supposed to be placed legally, they end up on public property, and street corners. And let's be honest here. I've seen your senate campaign signs along the freeway wall and entrance ramps. Maybe you didn't put them there, but they were there.
    The point is whatever the sign says, if it's not placed legally, it's a SPAM sign. And it's wrong of John Hoff to be selective in his sign removal.
    PS You lost my vote when you supported the stadium. No more campaign help from me.

    1. Anon 8:03, first off, I'm not aware of any connection between Senator Higgins and the "Vote Today" signs. Second, I was the one removing Leslie Davis' sign spam, not John Hoff. Third, I was on my bike. I had to be selective even about WHICH Leslie Davis signs I could remove.

      Furthermore, I wouldn't have removed "Vote Today" signs on the day of an election, as I consider those to be a public service. If there are still some lingering around AFTER an election, well that's another story.

  5. Hmmmm. THH must not be in the inner circles like JNS:


  6. I've been to some of those parties with Linda. Given my yard signs, it might be a while before that happens again, although we remain on good terms.

    Again, in regards to whether I can or should be selective in which "sign spam" to do something about, I reserve the right to be entirely selective. And as I said before, I've been biking it all summer long and it's just not as easy to remove each and every piece of improperly placed signage on a bike vs. in a car.

    That being said, I consider the message "Vote Today" to be of service to the community and wouldn't remove many--if any--such signs on election day. If I see them around a few days later, that's another story. And if anyone wants to join me in sign spam vigilance by reporting any improperly placed sign, be my guest.


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