Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dex is Getting Better

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Well, it's that time of year again.  Phone books are getting dropped off at people's homes whether they want them or not, and also whether the houses are technically occupied by people or not.  I've made an issue out of phone books at vacant properties before, even to the point of bringing them back to the Dex headquarters.  Earlier in the week, a northside neighbor and I were commiserating about how he had been seeing phone books at vacant properties, AGAIN, and that he had STILL received phone books even though he opted out of them some time ago.

So when both Hawthorne and Jordan had their clean sweeps today, I made a point of looking at vacant properties where anyone had left phone books.  What I saw was...

...that so far in Hawthorne, not a single new phone book has been left at a vacant house boarded by the city.  In the photos above, there is a clearly boarded/vacant house with a phone book from this year at its doorstep.  That's the only one I've seen in my neighborhood thus far.  And then when I got home, there was this hanging on my door:

The door hanger acknowledged my decision to opt out of phone book delivery and asked me to go to the Dex website when I need to look for phone numbers, businesses, etc.  We'll see if other phone companies, or other deliveries from Dex, are as responsive as what's transpired in Hawthorne so far.  But it does seem as though the phone book companies are changing what they do.


  1. While I was riding on the back of the JACC Clean Sweep truck, I passed a garage in the alley that was a third of the open during the light rain we had in the morning...I asked the people inside if they had anyhting they wanted to put in the compactor. Why, you might ask? Because they were surrounded by mountains of [what looked to be] Dex phone books...

  2. HC found the spawn of the phone book spammers!!

    The delivery bastards that hit you with that phone book firing machine gun two years ago.... what was it called??

  3. That would be the Dumpinator 3000. And it certainly sounds like these people could at least be accomplices to my nemesis.

  4. Ahhh, yes. The Dumpinator 3000. And another trip down memory lane, two years ago today we were having a birthday bonfire in your backyard with the cake that solidified your alter-ego name and all. Happy Birthday Hawkman!


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