Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sisters' Camelot Serving Free Meals 5-7 at St. Olaf

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

The Sisters' Camelot (click here for their website and here for their Facebook page) have made it their mission to distribute free, organic food to anyone in need.  This week they felt the best place they could be was here on the Northside.  Today and tomorrow they are giving north Minneapolis residents, volunteers, and anyone else who needs a free dinner and free organic produce.  They are stationed at the St. Olaf church on 29th Ave N and Emerson Ave N and will be there Wednesday and Thursday from five p.m. to seven p.m.  Already the pizza they're making smells delicious.

I stopped by to thank them, gave them a hammer to pound in stakes for their tent, and graciously accepted their offer of some amazing free trade, organic coffee.  One of the volunteers, Clay, said they had just gotten on various relief network websites today.  Knowing that quite a few people at the center set up at Farview only a few blocks away wouldn't have internet access, I asked if I could bring their fliers over to the park to spread the word.

I quickly ran out of fliers, but spread the word as best I could.  And while I did that, I talked to quite a few people who needed at least to have someone listen to their story of how they have been displaced or affected.  Dear readers, I've been very impressed with the response so far.  But until the last person's situation is made right, the need will always outpace the work everyone is doing to help.  So please volunteer or donate; do whatever you can for NoMi.

And then stop by for what is sure to be a great dinner tonight and tomorrow at St. Olaf.

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