Friday, April 15, 2011

Litter at a Vacant Lot--It's 311 Time!

Well that's not so ba--
--oh my.
Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

The vacant lot at 2415 Lyndale Ave N was literally (ha!) covered with so much garbage that several Hawthorne residents had been complaining about how bad it made the block look.  So I thought I might go over and either call 311 or just pick it up myself.  In the pile of trash pictured, there were both men's and women's underwear, meaning the job of cleaning that up would fall on either the property owner or someone who gets paid to do such things.

And speaking of the responsible party, the proud owner of this lot is Ibrahim Khan of Columbia Heights.  The lot, by the way, appears to be for sale.  Any takers should let Khan know at 4319 McCleod St NE, Columbia Heights MN 55421.  It's unlikely that this level of debris just randomly accumulated at the site.  The house to the north of this one, 2417 Lyndale, is vacant. But to the south, 2411 Lyndale Ave N has renters.  2411 still shows on city and county records as being owned by various mortgage companies, but has probably been picked up by a slumlord recently.

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