Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bernadeia Johnson Announces Plan to Press Reset Button on North High

Post and videos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

POST COMPLETE. All video footage from the press conference has been uploaded and added.

Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson called a press conference this morning to announce plans for North High. The buzz was that she would continue with the plans to phase out the existing North High, but there was speculation that somehow the school would be saved. After all, if plans to close were moving ahead as previously announced, why call a press conference to remind the community that you're doing something incredibly unpopular?

In essence, her plan now involves closing down the existing North High, phasing out current enrollment, working with the community on a plan during 2011, and re-opening a new North High for incoming freshmen in 2012, then adding a grade each year.

Plenty of news media were there, and the Strib and KSTP at least have articles and some footage up already. But the initial details were broken first on the NXNS Twitter feed, proving once again the speed and agility of non-traditional media.

More video footage will follow after the jump, as soon as it's done uploading on youtube...


  1. All video footage has been added to the North High press conference of 11/4/10.

  2. Dude, you have 15 Twitter followers. That hardly makes you a non-traditional media outlet. My 12 year old sister has more Twitter followers than you. Don't give up your day job.

  3. No plans to quit the day job, thanks very much. And I would not consider my Twitter feed to be a media outlet if it weren't tied to this blog. The feed has led to other blog discussions recently that put me in a position of writing a new post.

    So I do consider having the Twitter feed revealing news before anyone else to be a valid claim. I have no illusions about the VOLUME of people who might see this before mainstream media gets their say.

    But I do take it as a point of pride that non-traditional media like this blog, JNS, or I.I. can get substantive information out, often in great detail, and if we're lucky, before anyone else.

  4. Wow, Anonymous has a 12-year-old sister? I guess Anonymous can make up any fact Anonymous likes, siblings or whatever, since Anonymous is Anonymous.

    Johnson's plan to hit the reset button is all over the media outlets, but this blog has the most extensive detail by posting all that video. Great work by the non-traditional, grassroots media.

  5. I'm really impressed with Bernadeia Johnson's oratory skills and savvy. She demonstrated an excellent ability to answer some tough questions. Johnson's delivery was smooth and buttery.

    She was talking about the "New North" as not necessarily being tied to the North High building. So my take away is, there's going to be a new high school but North High as we know it might get closed down anyway.

    H.H., if I may suggest... You may want to condense all of these videos into one or two videos with all the footage still present. The application to do that can be downloaded for free if you're interested.

  6. I.I. - In response to your suggestion, I'll say that in this case, breaking the video up into several segments was rather intentional. Holding a digital camera in a fixed position for extended periods of time gets rather tiresome, so I stopped recording every once in a while to give my arms a break. Also, there are some people who will look at a video clip, see the time of the clip and say, "Nine minutes?! I don't have the time to watch that." So when it makes sense, I try to break the footage down into more bite-size segments so that the post as a whole is more accessible.

    That being said, I would definitely like to go over video editing with you. It's one of the areas where I need more experience. And then I can either combine or break up video footage as need be.

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  8. Wow...pretty strong words there, Boathead. I'll get to that topic in one of the videos from the other night as well.


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