Tuesday, November 9, 2010

North High is Saved! Now the Real Work Begins.

Post and video by the Hawthorne Hawkman

After much deliberation, and an outpouring of community input, Superintendent Johnson's proposal from last week was brought before the Minneapolis Public School Board as a whole.  Due to other job commitments, I was unable to attend the rally before the meeting, and missed some early parts.  But I stayed until the end of the meeting and recorded the vote that kept North open.

There are several hours of footage to upload and review.  Until I have the chance to get a well-written post up about the broader issues, people can feel free to check out my Youtube channel for the videos I took during the meeting.

The VERY short summary of what happened is this:  Johnson's proposal was presented, and amended to allow for the chance of a freshman class continuing to attend North High in 2011 (her previous proposal called for North to not accept incoming freshmen in 2011 while creating a new program, phase out the existing school, start a new North in 2012, and add a class each year until there would be a full school in 2016).  In order for there to be a continuous student body at North High, we in the community will need to work with the school board to recruit an incoming freshman class of 125 students by March of 2011.

And if we can do that, I bet we'll wind up with a better football team too.

The vote is over and now it's time to get to work.


  1. A quick note or two for anyone who goes straight to my Youtube channel. First, I apologize, but the audio in there was terrible. Not much to be done, but I recommend watching these with a decent set of speakers, and turn up the volume. Second, I uploaded every video I took onto my channel, even speakers with whom I might not agree. Third, they are (for now) labeled only in chronological order, and not with names of who spoke or on what topic, with the exception being the video included in this post.

    And finally, not every video uploaded will make it into an NXNS post.

  2. All videos I have from that evening are not properly uploaded to Youtube. One person commented on my Youtube channel, wondering why not every moment was captured on video. At the time, several had not uploaded fully.

    However, my camera battery, although fully charged, was running low and I wanted to be sure I captured the vote. So I paced myself and didn't record every last item. A gentleman from Insight News was there, recording the meeting in its entirety. Folks who want to watch every last tedious moment are encouraged to ask Insight to put a complete, unfiltered video online.


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