Sunday, January 6, 2013

Koenig Bankruptcy Update - Vegas Baby!

Post and stock photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Every once in a while I wonder how my arch nemesis' long, slow fall from grace is going.  Over Christmas break, Johnny Northside poked around on PACER and sent along some updates.  Live links to documents will be procured as soon as I can get them, but for now I can tell readers that in conjunction with Dream Homes co-conspirators David and Sharon Kohlenberger, there is a $32,000 judgment filed against a Koenig LLC in Las Vegas.

Plaintiff William A. Leonard filed a claim against...

...Marklee Construction LLC.  From the basic document summaries, that judgment appears to be part of the Kohlenbergers' bankruptcy proceedings, and was filed in late 2011.  It's unclear whether the debt is associated with unpaid contractual obligations (something Koenig has been known to do) or whether it stems from other Vegas-related activities.  After all, it wouldn't be the first time Koenig had gambling debt associated with a bankruptcy case.  That would have been in 2000, when he listed $1,700 in bounced checks to Mystic Lake Casino in his (first) bankruptcy.

Beyond that tidbit, a series of baby steps in Minnesota courts keep the wheels of justice grinding along ever so slowly.  There's nothing juicy or groundbreaking here to report just yet, but as proof things are moving along, here is the most recent Koenig bankruptcy document on file.


  1. If you like, copy and paste the VEGAS BABY information into a Word document. Email it to me. I will turn it into a Google document and provide you the link.

  2. By the way, just to mention this for the pure fun of it...

    I turned up the VEGAS BABY information simply because I'm not an expert on using PACER, not quite yet, and I simply did too wide a search. Well, the Vegas information turned up in that wide search in a place I hadn't even intended to look.

    Great luck for me, bad luck for Paul Koenig.

  3. Jeff - you might want to link the weekend Strib article on the Contract for Deed problem,


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