Monday, January 7, 2013

Housing Sign Spam Removed

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Its' been a while since my last concerted effort at sign spam removal.  A few houses throughout north Minneapolis, especially in Hawthorne, have been plastered with such "we buy houses" spam.  Since these homes are owned by Urban Homeworks, Hennepin County, and other such partners, I took the liberty of removing the signs.

The parties responsible are...

...a website called, which seems like something a person fired from Home Depot after only 3.5 hours of Wordpress training came up with during a fever dream about what a scammy real estate homepage would look like.  The company's name on the site is "10000 Lakes LLC," but no such business is registered by the Minnesota Secretary of State.  Typing "10,000 Lakes" on Mr. Ritchie's website brings up a whole host of entries, none of which appear associated with the CEO that the webuyhomes page lists, a Mr. Robert Nepple.  A Google search for Nepple doesn't give me much more than a "were you looking for nipple?" response, which I did not click on because I wish for my laptop to remain virus-free.

The number listed, for the sake of Google-bots and anyone who wants to call is 612-326-9807.  The site also currently lists one house for sale, a rental at 1331 James Avenue North, although the owner of that property does not appear to have anything to do with this particular venture.

A second set of similarly-themed house sign spam also popped up and was removed.  That number is 612-643-1669.  A search of that telephone number doesn't give much more info than a series of expired craigslist ads.

In any case, sign spam has been removed and as much information as possible has been assembled for search engines to pore over.


  1. Check out the utility poles along Penn Ave. N. headed northbound from your house toward 55. Plenty of sign spam springing up along that corridor, and I haven't had a chance to concentrate upon it.

  2. that would be south bound, toward hwy 55.

  3. I've seen sign spam up and down James, Dupont and Bryant. Is there something you could do to remove that?


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