Friday, September 14, 2012

Winning the Jackpot at the West Broadway Farmers Market

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Thanks to a grant from Allina Health, the West Broadway Farmers Market offers a bike/walk raffle.  If you bike or walk to the market, you can enter into a raffle to win $25.  But there's a catch:  that money has to be spent at the next market.  I was a lucky winner two weeks ago, and cashed in my Broadway bucks last week.  The deals are so good that I actually had a hard time spending twenty-five dollars in one shot.

What does $25 get you at the West Broadway Farmers Market?

  • Swiss chard from Agape Farms, part of Project Sweetie Pie.  The chard was grown by northside youth, and Agape/Sweetie Pie folks openly brag about how it's the best you'll ever taste.  $2 seems like a bargain.
  •  Three loaves of bread from Knox Berry Foods.  Normal prices for the bread are $2 per loaf, $3 for 2, and $5 for 3.  Since I'm an addict returning customer, I got the three loaves for three bucks this time around.
  • Green beans and eggplant from Teng Vue, a northside resident and farmer.  I'm not sure where the veggies are grown, but the items at Vue's table are among the best at the market.  They set me back a mere $4.
  • Bananas and mangoes from Starr Carpenter of GrassRoot Growers and Growing Pathways.  The fruit is obviously not grown in north Minneapolis, but having bananas, mangoes, and pineapples among the other West Broadway offerings is a great addition to the Farmers Market.  Another great addition:  Starr has a portion of her table reserved for a "northside aggregation" table.  People who have extra fruits, veggies, or herbs from their own garden can sell them here.  (Maybe this is what I can do with my extra hot peppers?)  The bananas and mangoes cost $6.
  • If I kept on buying items like these, I wouldn't have room in my backpack to bring them home.  So I splurged the last $10 on honey from from Havlicek's Veseli Vrsek Happy Hill Orchard in Webster, MN.
That's what $25 gets you at the West Broadway Farmers Market.  With the addition of chicken and pasta from Cub, and basil, oregano, and peppers from my garden, I had enough food to last me an entire week - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Farmers Market is at the corner of Broadway and Bryant Ave N, Friday afternoons from three to seven.

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