Thursday, September 20, 2012

Penn & Dowling Gas Stop Closed Amid Speculation

 Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

The gas stop at the corner of Penn and Dowling Avenue North was reported as closed on the North Talk Facebook group last week, although the cause is still uncertain.  A peek through the windows reveals shelves that are almost completely bare, suggesting that the station won't be reopening anytime soon.

The two theories being suggested are that the property was under contract for deed and defaulted on payments, and that the gasoline pumps were not measuring accurately.  If the latter is the cause, the gasoline could have been watered down somehow or the pumps could have been tampered with to distribute less gas than what was indicated.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to use the comment section on this blog.


  1. As an aside: I'm not big on pulling items off of NT to make into blog posts, but some things do need to be more "searchable." Plus, anonymous comments are not an option on Facebook and I'd like to allow information to flow that way as well.

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  3. "Ted," I have removed your comment and deleted another attempted comment. North Talk is not an anonymous group. While forum members might be creating false Facebook profiles to participate (a violation of FB terms of service and forum rules) neither I nor the other administrator allow anonymous comments. Your previous post on this page was substantive enough to warrant publication, even though it contained North Talk items that I normally would not post.

    Your continued attempts to comment about North Talk via my blog without a name, email address, or Facebook profile gave me reason to delete the comment already published. If you wish to have any influence whatsoever on how North Talk is administered, you cannot do so without your identity being known. Simple as that.


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