Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Green Housing Opportunites - One Close to Home, Another Across the Country

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman.  Top image from an email attachment from Henry High, bottom video from The Greenest Building Movie Blog.

First up:  A community member who knows how I feel about replacement windows asked me to promote an upcoming class about how to properly refurbish and repair windows (and how to determine if replacement is ultimately necessary).  Here is his email.

"It’s that time again. HCE is again offering their Window Repair class on Monday, February 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM for the low, low cost of only $15. This class, meeting at Patrick Henry, is just one of the ways MPS serves Northsiders, even those without children. In it, Northsiders will learn do it yourself techniques to repair drafty old windows and get up to date information on the cost effectiveness of repairing, retrofitting and replacing old windows. Registrants can expect to learn about stopping air infiltration, repairing sash cords, reglazing and double glazing and painting, as well as answers to any questions they bring with them.

"Registration can be done at, or by calling the HCE office at 612-668-1922.  More information can be found on our website or the HCE blog."  So, readers, if you or anyone you know needs to address window repairs, check out this seminar first.

Many of my friends and neighbors have often wondered what the true environmental impact of demolishing a house is.  It's often been said that "the greenest building is the one that's already built" specifically because it avoids the cost of putting tons of waste into a landfill, and creating and shipping new materials.  We've gotten perhaps a little overly excited when LEED considered incorporating such factors in their green designations.  But we hadn't found anyone who had taken a good, hard look at this issue.  Until now.

The Greenest Building Movie is a Portland, Oregon project with a blog and - you guessed it - a movie that will premiere on January 31, 2011.  PBS is expected to air the movie in April of this year as well.  I am absolutely thrilled to see preservation being touted as a fundamental element of green construction, and I am just giddy with anticipation for this movie.

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  1. Great Clip!

    Jeff, You may want to check out the NTHP Leadership Training School held for a week each summer. While these 7 day courses contain a great deal of Historic Preservation Training the content also ties in Green Technologies and Urban Planning through the National Main Street program.

    It's a great way to network with other community leaders and share common concerns. It's enlightening that other communities face the same problems and solutions and that we don't always need to reinvent the wheel. It's a lot of fun also.


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