Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photos from a Shooting at a Bertelson Property

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, contributed photos.

After the post about the interior of a former Bertelson property, another NoMi resident sent me photos from a shooting that happened at 2815 Humboldt Ave N over the summer.  The address in question was and still is operated by Paul Bertelson.  Given the nature of these photographs, I had debated whether to publish them here or not.  They aren't graphic in any way, just sensitive.  But then another Hawthorne resident told me about problems on the 300 block of 23rd Ave N due to the behavior of tenants at two properties managed by this landlord, and I started to reconsider.  After all, parents should be able to let their kids walk home from the school bus without undue worry.  And the last straw was reading over on JNS about yet another shooting at a party (this one at a house NOT managed by Bertelson or Mission Inn).  And I thought that I'd rather keep such things on the front burner for a while so that we as a community don't forget what can happen at a poorly managed rental property.

Also, I really wanted to be wrong about Bertelson and Mission Inn Inc.  Like many a slumlord, he presents himself well and is well-spoken.  He had the guts to show up at block club meetings to discuss property and tenant concerns with the neighbors, and even appears to have responded directly to comments over on JNS (and I hope he still does those things).  He's involved in religious activities, and appeared to genuinely want to do right by the neighborhood.  But I've said it before and I'll say it again; being a nice guy and wanting to do the right thing aren't enough, and if landlords are contributing to problems in our neighborhood, we'll call them out on it.

Now, about the rest of those photos...


  1. Just for a point of reference - That big building in the background is the Jordan Park Elementary School which houses the Hmong International Academy. Many of these children walk to school and had to witness this activity just outside their school grounds.

    How does profiting from cheap rentals where this type of activity takes place square with your christian ideals Paul?

  2. Word of mouth in the neighborhood is that he takes in people from homeless shelters and other places. You can find quite a bit of Biblical precedent for such nobility, and especially for reaching out to those society has rejected.

    That being said, the primary concern I have is regarding how such actions impact our community. I would absolutely love to see a landlord who can do this sort of thing to help out extremely disadvantaged people, and who can manage properties in a way that is positive for north Minneapolis. I haven't met that person yet though.

  3. Ah, Ya well...these passages would suggest that Paul and Nann take these poor indigents into their OWN home in their OWN community; Not profit by warehousing them at public expense in unmaintained properties under assumed business entities.

  4. Great another NIMBY comment. You folks don't want anyone in NoMi that might be indigent, or unemployed, or on welfare, or live in section 8 housing.
    You want that "Urban Utopia" John Hoff blogs about, sans minorities and disadvantaged people, so your property values go up.
    You can't afford to live in Plymouth or Maple Grove, you just want to turn NoMi into a suburb.
    News flash: Never gonna happen!!

  5. Hey Anon 12:20am

    I only speak for myself but I can confidently say that I would bet my paycheck that most of my NoMi friends, neighbors and fellow bloggers would say that we don't care what color skin someone has, we don't care what job or lack of job they have, we don't care if they receive public assistance now or at any time in the past or the future, we don't care if they live in subsidized housing or not...

    but what we do care (strongly) about is how they act. How they conduct themselves, how they behave, how they contribute in a positive manner to the community, how they contribute in a positive manner to society in general, how they try to make a better world for their immediate neighbors and neighbors from far away places.

    Newsflash: if we were racist we wouldn't have moved to the city. I lived in Plymouth before NoMi. I wanted to move to the city.

  6. LOL...Well said NoMi Passenger!

    Anon 12:20

    Are you suggesting that poor or minority people should be allowed to shoot one another?

    Are you suggesting that ANYBODY living ANYWHERE should condone the activity taking place in these photos?

    Or... Are you suggesting that NoMi residents are just prejudiced and trying to use this activity to further their racial bias?

    Because Moron, if you look at these pics closely you will see that the scumbag tenants at 2815 were WHITE!

    So much for that worn-out theory.

  7. Who gives a shit! 75% of the times it's one drug dealer shooting another dealer. I say make sure they go to the gun range often and practice so when they shoot they won't miss ie. no collateral damage!

  8. And the other 25%?

    If an innocent bystander gets hurt will you swell up in crocodile tears or just make excuses about how they shouldn't have been living in such a dangerous community?

    Go bury your head in the sand-

  9. Lightning strikes again! More shootings at 2815 Humboldt Ave North on Monday March 21st, 2011. Looks like Bertelson's claim to have decent tenants living there now is Bogus.

    What a looser - Pull that Rental license!

  10. Note this line from the story:
    And I thought that I'd rather keep such things on the front burner for a while so that we as a community don't forget what can happen at a poorly managed rental property.

    Now compare to what happened recently at Bertelson's Colfax Ave. N. property, when people in the upper unit were using the stove to keep warm.

    You're a prophet, Jeff. A PROPHET.

  11. Note this line from this story:
    And I thought that I'd rather keep such things on the front burner for a while so that we as a community don't forget what can happen at a poorly managed rental property.

    "The front burner?" Compare to what happened at Bertelson's Colfax Ave. N. property, where people were using the STOVE to keep WARM before the tragic fire.

    You're a prophet, Jeff.


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