Friday, August 20, 2010

Hawk Tweets!

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

NXNS now has a Twitter feed! I have several plans for this particular blog feature. Obviously, it will allow me to get NoMi news out much more rapidly than waiting until I have enough spare time to do a full blog post. The tweets may also lead to more extensive stories in the future.

The second feature Twitter allows is a location finder. Last night, I made a midnight gyro run to Olympic Cafe. (And by the way, I was rather critical of them initially, but they have won me over with their good food, excellent service, and the fact that they deliver. Furthermore, they are one of the few businesses along that stretch of West Broadway that have put significant effort into their facade, and there is almost always someone outside keeping the sidewalk clean.)

My tweet, "I heart Olympic Cafe," was made at that spot. Anyone unfamiliar with where this NoMi business is can click on the location finder on my Twitter page and see for themselves. I'm still working out the bugs where this can be done easily directly from the NXNS blog, but this will do for now.

Finally, as this blog picks up steam (and readers!) I hope other northsiders will drop me a quick note about something neat, or important, or even problematic, that they are seeing on their block. If you make it 140 characters or less, I may re-tweet it. Readers can do this by direct Twitter messages, emailing my Hawthorne Hawkman profile, or the North by Northside gmail account.

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