Tuesday, March 8, 2016

North by Northside is Back

"Nobody cares why you haven't been writing.  They care what you write ABOUT," said a good friend of mine when I started to explain why I needed to write a post about my prolonged absence from the blogosphere.  And she was right.  Plus, I basically wrote that column already.

In any case, the reasons essentially boil down to "I was doing other things that aren't particularly interesting to write about, but I have remained active in working to make north Minneapolis a better place."  And that's not an interesting blog post.

But North by Northside is back.  I plan on writing at least one post a week, most likely on a Saturday or Sunday, and hope to average six to eight posts a month.  I want to remain focused on housing, housing preservation, good local governance, and biking/transit.  I'll be blogging through the lens of how north Minneapolis is impacted by these issues.


  1. "I have remained active in working to make north Minneapolis a better place." And that's not an interesting blog post."
    It IS interesting and important. Welcome Back! Keep on working and writing. You are needed!

  2. Good, we need more people active in North side issues. A good and always fun topic is the Slumlord not enough is published on these scum suckers. Quality affordable housing for the people of Minneapolis is somehow a taboo subject for most. The change of ownership in the last few years of many homes was a missed opportunity to force housing stock improvement, and actually lower rent pricing. Minneapolis still can change how they let predatory and negligent landlords do business in our neighborhoods. Please blog away as I'm intrested is your opinion, Justin Mc


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