Monday, September 30, 2013

Ward 5 Candidates Spar in Second Round of Debates

Videos recorded by Yang for City Council Campaign Committee

Like many voters in the fifth ward, I could not make it to last week's debates.  I was sent links to recordings done by the Blong Yang campaign, and am reposting them so others can watch as well.  I am posting without commentary, so that viewers and voters can make up their own minds about the forum.

And thanks to Jewish Community Action and the Northside Community Redevelopment Coalition for putting together the event.


  1. OK, it's off topic but...

    You were on the tour. You MET the guy and interacted with him. More commentary and insight on the topic would be valuable.

    1. Not really; I met him for one day a few years ago. I remember the day and I remember meeting him, but have no lasting impressions or insights pertaining to this.


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