Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yes We Have No Sex Offenders

It's not uncommon for me to receive mail at my home that doesn't belong to anyone at my address.  I get the occasional thank-you note meant for someone at the Best Buy headquarters at 7601 Penn Avenue South, and most commonly, legal notices intended for a place at 2601 Penn on the southside.  I do try to get these to their rightful owner.  But when I was the recipient of a letter from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, I opened the mail immediately and without checking to see who it was really for.

It turns out that a certain Donald Harold Hanson has told someone that he lives at "Apt 1" of 2601 Penn Avenue North, which is odd because I don't remember ever having someone of that name live in my home.  I don't seem to remember having apartments either, though, so who's keeping track?

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Donald Hanson is...

...a Level Three Sex Offender.  For the record, I have had neither sex offenders nor apartments in my home.  I think I'd have remembered the notification--if, that is, north Minneapolis didn't already have so many L3SO's that the notification "process" is basically just an email that maybe some people get.

Anyway, just in case it's not perfectly clear, Donald Hanson, who was a bus driver for the Minneapolis public schools when he molested pre-teen boys, at least one of whom was blind and/or otherwise disabled, did not live in my home before, during, or after the crimes that he committed and is deemed likely to commit again.

Donald Hanson, according to the DOC website, lives on the 2600 block of Golden Valley Road.  Although the BCA letter that came to my place of residence says he moved in on November 1, 2012 (not even remotely true) and will move out on September 30th, 2013.  I don't know how one moves out of a place he never moved into.  His physical description, I might add, describes his "hair color" as "sandy."  So there are clearly some liberties being taken here.

I contacted the BCA, and the bored person on the other end of the line didn't seem terribly concerned about the fact that a level three sex offender may be lying about his address.  I guess it's easy not to worry too much about it when he's not telling people he lives in your home.  (He DOES NOT live in mine, in case that isn't abundantly clear.)  His probation officer is Bobbie Chevalier-Jones, and while I haven't had an opportunity to contact her, past interactions with her supervising the infamous "Spanky" Pete Rickmyer/Stephenson do not exactly inspire confidence.

Hanson, when living somewhere--anywhere--other than at my home, not only abused boys in ways that involved penetration, but also tried suing anyone and everyone to weasel his way out of accountability for his sick actions.  This included then-Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch and Sheriff Patrick McGowan, both of whom were represented by our esteemed current Senator Amy Klobuchar.  Hanson's legal wranglings were wildly unsuccessful, in that he tried to claim immunity because of "double jeopardy."  Apparently he was unaware that if you abuse one kid and then keep on abusing many more, that counts as multiple crimes.  And for the record, he was convicted for 10-12 years in one instance and twenty-one months in another.  So there would essentially be two level three sex offenders/frivolous litigants in this general vicinity.  If, of course, Donald Hanson ever lived here.  Which he does not.

Donald Hanson had his double jeopardy non-claim dismissed under some legal precedent called the "Younger abstention doctrine," a principle that this sicko should have known about and respected at numerous other times in his life as well.

Oh, and he declared bankruptcy--financial, not moral, though he qualified for both.  Because, I suppose, if you're only going to pay your debt to society through a (not) lengthy (enough) prison sentence, then what's the point of paying your other debts?  One fact that I found particularly interesting from the bankruptcy documents was that he did not live at my house.

On a reassuring note, the first page of the BCA's letter to Donald Hanson reads, "It is currently a felony to fail to register and notify proper authorities of any change in address.  This includes providing any false information or failing to respond to this request for verification.  You have ten days in which to respond to this verification request.  Violations of this law could result in a complaint and warrant being issued for your arrest."  (Italics emphasis mine; bold emphasis in original.)

The letter was dated over a month ago.  With any luck, I'll be able to forward the rest of his mail to Moose Lake.


  1. There are reportedly two factions among the probation officers of Level Three Sex Offenders in Hennepin County.

    There is the Zookeeper Faction, who realizes these ANIMALS should be locked up but happen to be out on the street, so better keep close tabs on them or they will strike again. That faction is reportedly represented by such able but overworked individuals as Will McDonald, the guy who all but dragged Spanky Pete out of court by his EAR.

    And then there is the Free to Frolic Faction, which is represented by, of course...


    Hey, Fix your recent comments function. I done SENT you an email about how to pull it off.

  2. OH, by the way...

    My old house at 3016 6th St. N. had a Level Three Sex Offender named Alveto Rivera listed as one of the former owners.

    When did he own it? WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON.

    Yeah, there's plenty of sloppy fact-checking with Level Three Sex Offenders and where they live (NOT IN MY HOUSE) to go around.

  3. And for the record, he was convicted for 10-12 years in one instance and twenty-one months in another.

    Are you trying to state that the individual was tried and convicted (or possibly plead guilty), and was then sentenced to 10-12 years and twenty one months for the two convictions/guilty pleas?

  4. You do realize that opening mail that is clearly addressed to another person is a crime? Tampering with the mail?
    Those letters are clearly labeled on the front so there was absolutely no need for you to open it, except to satisfy your curiosity.

  5. The letter is dated July 5th. You posted the blog post August 7th. Interesting how you waited a month to post the letter. I'm sure you know that the letter states that Mr. Hanson had 10 days to respond. Also the letter was clearly addressed to Mr. Hanson and there was no need to open the letter. Further, you make no mention of returning the letter to the BCA as it was sent to the wrong address, as you mention you do with other misdirected mail.
    Clearly, your intention was to cause Mr. Hanson some type of harm to his parole status.
    Since Mr. Hanson is under supervision, his status, and reporting to the BCA is supervised by his parole agent. I believe your actions are unethical. Perhaps your employer might be interested in your behavior?
    I will personally send copies of this blog post to the BCA and the parole officer. You and John Hoff have a documented history of illegal and unethical behavior, which is simply a disgrace. While I always have thought you above the inglorious behavior of Hoff, apparently I was mistaken. This is one of your lowest acts. Your father should bathe you in Holy Water.

  6. Opening the letter was an honest mistake. In my pre-coffee bleary-eyed state one morning, I saw an envelope in my mail from the BCA. Worried that I might have had something like an old unpaid parking ticket resulting in a suspended drivers' license or something of that nature, I opened it without looking at the named addressee.

    (Yes, I realize the BCA does not handle such matters. I need my morning half pot of joe to keep my government entities straight.)

    When it seemed as though the BCA was not terribly enthused about following up with Mr. Hanson about the use of my house for his mail, that's when I decided to publish this post. If there are consequences for inadvertently opening mail that came to my house, I'll face those, I guess.

    To the assertion that I wish to cause Mr. Hanson some type of harm to his parole status--you're damn right I do. A level three sex offender is lying about where he lives. That, according to the letter in question, is a felony offense.

    Lastly, I'm Lutheran. Holy water isn't really a thing for us.

  7. I would just like to state that I fully support and agree with your actions and creating this post. If you want some interesting reading further you should look up his twin brother....


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