Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Arson Suspected at Khan's 8-Unit/1-Smoke Detector Apartment Complex

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

It's a wonder nobody was killed or more seriously hurt one early morning when a fire broke out at the Mahmood Khan property of 4425 Aldrich Ave N.  The Star Tribune covered the harrowing details of the rescue quite well, the Pioneer Press was the only mainstream media to report the address, KSTP published a photo of the property and revealed the detail that there was only one working smoke detector, and the Johnny Northside blog let the world know this was a Mahmood Khan property.  I drove past recently, out of curiosity, and realized that nobody had publicized that arson could have been a factor.

Some media pointed out that the cause of the fire is still under investigation.  But the property itself and quite a few telephone poles on surrounding blocks have arson hotline fliers posted in a request for more information on what happened.  Through this blog, I'm doing my part to spread the word in hopes that information gets back to the correct parties (or gets shared broadly here, as the case may be).

I'd also be quite interested in finding out exactly when this house, which doesn't look like it should be more than two units, if that, was converted into an eight-unit monstrosity.  Who signed off on that permit or variance request?  (It is possible that since the property is zoned R4 Multi-family, which allows for a range of densities at generally no more than four stories, that a variance may not have been necessary.  But at some point, this house was converted to eight units.  When, and how?)  There were rumblings several years ago when housing advocates in north Minneapolis heard that a local bank had acquired 4425 Aldrich Ave N via foreclosure and then sold it to Khan.  The previous owner, by the way, appeared to have difficulty even keeping the heat on.  A fire department document from 2007-2008 lists the house as needing to be maintained at 68 degrees.

Hopefully more information is forthcoming.  Any tips regarding arson should be sent to Sgt. Sean McKenna at 612-673-3389.


  1. The online property records indicate the 8th unit was added in the early 1980s. Other resources indicate this was a boarding house from very early on.

    1. Here is the link to the 1988 permit described as adding the 8th unit. http://apps.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/PIApp/InspectionPermitsDetail.aspx?P_ID=22945&PID=1311821210027

  2. So the fact there are multiple units in that building has been common knowledge since before Khan or any of us were BORN? Khan really has no excuse for one smoke detector. Fines aren't enough. This guy needs to be criminally charged and GO TO JAIL.

  3. So, if investors like Khan continue to break the rental license regulations (Both with occupancy and fire codes) why does the City allow them to hold multiple licenses and continue to expand their slumlord empires?

    Why aren't the laws meant to protect the community being enforced?

  4. The building is a old boarding house from the Lumber era of Camden so Im guessing around 1890-1920 it was converted or maybe it was built this way Not sure. Cant remember the physical material I read stating that but I think it was in this book http://mississippicourts.org/

  5. The white powers that be are terrified of this guy

  6. Why can't Minneapolis get rid of this guy? He seems like nothing but trouble!

  7. he's a slumlord from hell who i believe set that fire my relative not having a place to stay w/her children lived there she had to clean the unit herself and he overcharged her for rent.I hope his slumlord self get shut down for good soon all our belongings were stolen by a crackhead/meth head named robin and her boyfriend that supposedly was caretakers of this hole in the wall.how do he have his nerve to try and evict someone already moved out lol


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