Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A New Coffe Shop or Another Clash of the Titans?

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman. 

One of the losses the northside still feels since the tornado is the loss of the 42nd Avenue Station, a terrific coffee shop that had great food and regularly held live music performances.  Since the tornado the owner of the building and the 42nd Avenue Station owners have been locked in a legal storm of their own.  What little details are discussed publicly make it appear as if the property owner is the antagonist here.

Today as I drove past the place, I saw a new (to me at least) awning spanning the entryway of what once was the 42nd Avenue Station, this announcing Mykonos Coffee & Grill.  Mykonos is the Greek island where Zeus did battle with the Titans.  Could the name be symbolic of the struggles associated with emerging from the tornado?  Has the suit between the parties been resolved?  Is this an entirely new business or a new name with the same owners of 42nd still involved?  Does the Mykonos name indicate a possibility of Greek, or at least unique, food?

When will the place be open for business?


  1. the facebook page of 42nd ave station says that a new trial started 10/29

  2. The property manager is greek and also owns Avestopolis drycleaners...

  3. I believe they opened in the coffee shop yesterday!


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