Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cakedy Candy Bars are Pure Northside Sweetness

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Earlier this week I had a meeting where several colleagues continued our plans to make north Minneapolis even more amazing than it already is.  It should go without saying that there wasn't enough time in the initial meeting to fully discuss our plans, so the gathering spilled over and into the Avenue Eatery, where we continued our benevolent scheming.  As I was placing my order, a colleague and friend said he wanted to make sure I tried this new candy bar that was made by a north Minneapolis resident.  He even insisted on paying for it, on the condition I promote a northside business on my blog.  Sold!

Cakedy's website is pretty whimsical, claiming that "If Willy Wonka and your cake baking granny made sweet love, the resulting lovechild would be Cakedy."  That's an ambitious claim, albeit not quite as conceited as Victory 44's "Perfect Burger," nor as preposterous as the possible slogan, "If Batman and Teddy Roosevelt were in a cage match fight to the death, but decided to settle their differences in an Iron Chef bake-off instead, the winning entry would be Cakedy."

And since I believe peanut butter and chocolate to be the best pairing other than perhaps Han Solo and Chewbacca, that's the flavor I went with.  The Cakedy candy bar has, as the name suggests, cake on the inside, as well as nougat and butterscotch chips.  It was a good thing I was sitting down already, because the concoction made me weak in the knees.  The sweetness hits all the pleasure centers on the tongue and in the brain, and the texture of the cake and nougat is sublime.  If you still think of Reese's candy products as the defining chocolate/peanut butter combo, it's only because you haven't tried Cakedy yet.

Not only are these candy bars made by a local, they're sold at the Avenue Eatery and at another northside-owned business, Local D'Lish.  On top of that, they're reasonably priced, or at least they were for me.


  1. This blog post makes me want to run out and try them at the first opportunity.

  2. John - to be honest, shortly after you left last year a box of cakedys showed up here at my house addressed to you with a request for you to try them and write about them. For whatever reason I didn't mail them to you - might not have had an address yet, or might have been in middle of tornado crisis. Anyways, I gave them to Ann ( Local Dlish) to try and I think that's how she got them in her store. So at least something good came of it, but apologies to the cakedy guys who sent them, John was away at war!

  3. NoMi Passenger, they would have been all melty by the time they got to me, anyway.

    I'm glad things worked out the way they did, and you sent me so many other nice things that were part of my life, there. I hate to say it but I can't LOOK at pistachios for a while, I had so many, but I shared with other soldiers, too.


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