Thursday, February 9, 2012

Arches of Lowry Bridge Near Completion

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

The Lowry Bridge arches are close to being completed, and they are looking tremendous.  Ever since seeing the original proposals, I was quite excited at the prospect that the bridge could become a visual feature that would come to define north Minneapolis in a more positive light.  (Okay, and northeast too.  We'll let them bask in the glory a bit.)  If anything, it seems my initial reaction was understated and I can't wait to see it completed.

The final piece of the arches is expected to be put in place within a week.  A press conference and other festivities will be scheduled to commemorate the event.


  1. When the arch is complete, does that mean the bridge will open? Is that what the festivities are for?

  2. Seems like this bridge took an unusually long time to reopen after it closed, especially considering that it was a pretty important vein of transport across the river -even more so in light of the closing of the Plymouth bridge a while back). Makes me wonder if there weren't intentional delays.
    Could it have been pressure from the people in NE who have been dreading the day that bridge opens again. They attributed so many of their problems to Northsiders coming over to their neighborhood, when actually, most of the crap was due to the clientele at Gabby's (which admittedly, consisted of a good percentage of peeps from Northside).
    Besides, even with that bridge closed, they still get their share of thugs loitering at the carwash near Marshall and Lowry, so there goes that theory.
    I for one will be glad when the bridge reopens, making it easier to get to the nice restaurants and bars across the river, even if the neighborhood around most of those businesses is just one step up from being a trailer park -don't care if the residents are happy about it or not!

  3. Its a proven fact that crime went down in NE as soon as that bridge closed. The very re-opening is a direct threat to the safety and lifestyle of good Nordeasters. What was given with the construction was a reprieve and that should be openly recognized.

  4. Yes, I agree with Anon 4:13.

    Over the last year or so bridge construction on Lowry has looked like a part time venture.

    It is important for the public to understand that anytime populations of concentrated poverty are contained, the negative behaviors associated with poverty multiply. North Minneapolis is a showcase for this type of isolation.

    Offering opportunity and services heighten the expectations within this population producing less crime and aspiring behaviors which benefit everyone.

    This is why it is so important that the D2 LRT option which includes North Minneapolis be successful and open more commercial corridors into the area.

  5. The reaction forty five years ago would have had the public witness white guys with shotguns on the redneck side of the bridge waiting for(take a slur,any slur) to venture across. Northeast Minneapolis was the most segregated and racist neighborhood in the upper midwest back in the day. It was pathetically so segregated that you would have thought it was Shitcago. No shit. North Minneapolis was integrated for the most part and people of ALL variations and ethnicity got along like none of you newbies or dreamers could imagine. I miss those days and also understand that most people are so narccisistic and twisted by other peoples lies and bullshit that they couldn't imagine it that way. A generation of lost and turned out brain drains that can't form a decent fart among them. Good Evening.

  6. I totally agree with Anonymouse 8:31 AM. To lower crime on the Northside, we need to provide transit options for anyone needing a ride to get to a productive job. This also includes those less fortunate who have paid their debt to society. They too should have the opportunity to realize gainful employment in nearby suburbs, over the Lowry bridge or anywhere our great system of public transportation will take them.


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