Monday, August 15, 2011

Suspicious Patterns of Behavior at 26th Ave and 4th St N

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Sitting on a friend's porch just off of the problematic areas of 4th St N, we get to observe quite a bit of what starts to go on.  And one thing we've noticed as cameras have been in place is that cars will frequently stop one or two houses in from 26th and 4th.  They sit there for two minutes, maybe three.  Very rarely does anyone come up to the car, and even less often does a driver or passenger get out.  Why is that?

Given the kinds of behavior observed along the corridor, we believe it's likely that occupants of those vehicles are communicating with whoever they need to in regards to where a safe place is to do their deals.  I suppose the other possibility is that we are beseiged by city planners from an alternate future, who are coming down 26th Avenue North, getting lost, and saying to each other, "Shouldn't there have been a land bridge somewhere around here?"


  1. As you are watching out front, they are lurking in the back. I would guess that there is an ample amount of activity,and a damn good possibility that there is a tunnel and storm shelter like door in the back,also. Nothing like a distraction while involved in action. Check out the back and there is a chance that my suspiscions will be confirmed.

  2. Next picture you post of this activity, try to get the license plate.

  3. Yes agreed, without the license place we don't have much to go on in tracking down suspects. I would think there is alot of dirt we could dig up on anyone who parks a car in this area of town.

  4. I'd love to start compiling license plate #'s, but from the vantage point I have, that's rather difficult to do effectively and safely.

  5. When I want to safely get a plate, have your camera settings set to the largest picture possible. When you open the pic, just zoom in to the plate.


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