Friday, July 29, 2011

Picking Up Trash and Watching 4th Street

Post and second photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.  First photo contributed anonymously.

Earlier this week, two neighbors and I took time out of our day to pick up trash along 4th Street North from 26th Street down to 24th.  We brought along 3 heavy-duty garbage bags usually reserved for Clean Sweep events.  Two of the three bags started to rip from the collective weight of liquor bottles we picked up.  This, unfortunately, is not an exaggeration.  But a funny thing happens when you walk around picking up garbage.  You have a convenient excuse to spend a fair amount of time watching a block and gathering details.  Heck, some of the people hanging out on the streets just assume that if we're picking up garbage we must be with Sentence to Serve or some such agency.  Since the only conceivable reason to pick up litter is getting caught breaking the law, then maybe, in the eyes of the thugs, we're all right.

In the top photo, we see a crowd gathered at 326 25th Ave N, which seems to bolster the claim by Michael Bell that people at that address are part of the problem too.  That contributed photo, however, was not taken during the time of the garbage pick-up.  I just like the juxtaposition of the squad car in the rearview mirror.

What we did see was a slew of problem properties, owned by some familiar faces - starting with...

...2520 4th St N.  This one is complex enough to deserve its own blog post.

Then we have what could be a beautiful brick house, if it were properly maintained.  2518 4th St N is owned by Paul Bertelson.  He'll be getting a call in the morning.

There was definite activity coordinated between people at 322 25th Ave N and a property across the street, 315 25th Ave N.  322 has been documented as owned by Michael Bell and Kausiliya Sarjoo, and their property management company is Hamline Property Management.  (Full disclosure again, my landlord briefly used Hamline, but dropped them because he was unsatisfied with them as a management company.)  As Mr. Bell pointed out in a comments section, city and county records indicate that my landlord is the owner of 315 25th Ave N.  However, I have been told that the property was lost to foreclosure.  That claim has not been verified, but if it's true then a mortgage company likely has no rental license and the occupants should face a swift eviction.

The last place where suspicious behavior was noted was at 2416 4th St N, owned by Wendy Sullivan of Wenrich Property & Development LLC.  I keep on meaning to get around to these folks because Wenrich/Sullivan are also worthy of the Hawkman treatment.  Alas, there are only so many hours in the day.

Finally, I've spent a few evenings watching activity on a neighbor's porch.  Noteworthy events will appear on my Twitter feed under the category #4thStreetTweets.  On Tuesday night we sat out and watched at least six squad cars respond to a congregation of thugs at 25th and 4th.  Or maybe they weren't thugs at all; let's not be too hasty in our assumptions here.  They could have been people who are really, REALLY concerned about...avian flu!  Yes, that's it.  Because even a block away, we could hear them expressing their concern for the police, explicitly warning them of something that sounded like "duck cough."


  1. Also, the castle townhomes in 26th are seeing an uptick in activity. It's more subtle than before, but the archway facing 3rd Street North definitely has a sentry and deals happening there.

  2. It appears there was some police action at one of these 4th Street properties. These are 2 Action Alerts I received on Friday. Although the address isn't specified, it appears from the given addresses of those arrested 2416 4th may have been the target of the police action. Maybe someone has more details.

    Incident Location: 24** 4 ST N

    Date and Time: 7/27/2011 7:04:00 PM - 7/27/2011 9:45:00 PM

    Primary Offenses: Narcotics Violation

    Public Information:

    Officers executed Narcotics Search Warrant at above location. Narcotics recovered. Several parties arrested and released tag in lieu for above charges.

    50 - Case Closed by Arrest. ...

    Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):

    Terrell Roberson - 25 / 001414 Plymouth AV N Minneapolis, MN

    Theron Caldwell - 31 / 001409 Russell AV N Minneapolis, MN

    Robert Tolliver - 50 / 001524 Lasalle AV 102 Minneapolis, MN

    Samuel Mccormick - 19 / 001328 Norwood Redwood, MN

    Antonio Hammonds-Ford - 19 / 000315 25 AV N Minneapolis, MN

    Cody Johnson - 23 / 002416 4 ST N 1 MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411

    Incident Location: 24** 4 ST N

    Date and Time: 7/27/2011 7:05:00 PM - 7/27/2011 7:28:00 PM

    Primary Offenses: Narcotics Violation

    Public Information:

    A search warrant was executed at the incident location.


    Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):

    Floyd Johnson - 40 / Unk ; Joe Duren - 58 / 002416 4 ST N upper MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411

    Marilyn Banks - 46 / 004168 Adair AV N 3 Robbinsdale, MN 55422; Jaime Weyaus - 29 / 002416 4 ST N upper MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411

    Floyd Johnson - 55 / 004168 Adair AV N Robbinsdale, MN 55422; Rochelle Wowo - 38 / 007701 Scott AV N Brooklyn Park, MN 55430

    Michael Banks - 42 / 002416 4 ST N upper MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411; Christopher Banks - 22 / 002416 4 ST N upper MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411

    Catherine Banks - 37 / 001620 Marshall ST NE Minneapolis, MN 55410; Michael Mables - 22 / 003302 Johnson ST NE Minneapolis, MN 55411

  3. As most of these blogs pointing their finger at landlords & attempting to label them should first investigate whether the landlord/owners are working with authorities to remove tenants who have proven to be poor tenants or suspected of illegal activities. In a lot of cases the landlord/owner was the initiator of the process to expose the activity. There are rules/laws that protect tenants that often preclude a landlord/owner from evicting or removing a tenants based solely on suspicion or even witnessing activity that may appear to be illegal. Only a police investigation or even raid with arrest can allow the landlord/owner from beginning eviction process especially if a tenant has certain subsidies leases with the federal HUD programs. It is doubtful that any landlord/owner would be purposeful in selecting a tenant who uses or sells drugs or engages in Any illegal activity. When a tenant is chosen it is assumed that they will be law abiding, keep their dwelling in good repair and be neighborly. But even with tenant reference checks often they will receive good reviews from current landlords so they will move or no response at all. Those tenants receiving government subsidies have very strict rules regarding illegal activity occurring in & outside of their home. All this still does not always ensure that a good tenant. Most tenants do not announce to a perspective new landlord they plan to conduct themselves in an unsuitable manner or that they plan to sell drugs or any other illegal activity. Every landlord/owners prefer a clean, in good repair and refrain from illegal activity while living in their property. So suggesting or eluding to the fact that any owner might invite or be okay with that is utterly ridiculous. No landlord/owner would want that as a part of their business practice. So perhaps digging a little deeper below the surface would prove beneficial for gaining a true perspective on property ownership & management for blog readers/participants. And actually it is just common sense to realize no owner would welcome behavior that lessens the value of their property and cost more expenditure overall....

  4. Wondering if this is the same Catherine Banks who was recently murdered by Yolanda Lynn Smith, allegedly.


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