Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More on Don Allen

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, screenshot image from an ibnnnews post dated 9/13/10.

As the tempest in a teacup over NoMi blog wars builds up, I felt that my own experience should be part of the discussion.  In the fall of last year, the Irving Inquisition did a series of posts about what he alleged as Don Allen's criminal background.  (Don Allen has disputed much of that content.)  The day after one of those blog entries, which did not involve me in any personal or professional manner, Don Allen made numerous calls to the Hawthorne office and threatened to sue me in relation to one or more posts on that site.  He also threatened to sue Eric Johnson, John Hoff, and Michael "Kip" Browne.

The day after that, I saw the post above on Don Allen's website.  In the opening paragraph, he claims:  "...The Hawthorne Neighborhood Group's housing director who once told a fellow blogger, 'I wouldn't give a house to a Black person if my life depended on it.'"

That statement is of course categorically untrue, and so laughably fabricated that I felt no need to respond at the time.  But as the veracity of some of Mr. Allen's blog posts and comments regarding north Minneapolis bloggers is called into question, this incident has to be added to the mix.

One final note:  Given the propensity lately for identities of well-known NoMi-ites to be "borrowed" for blog comments, I will only publish comments here from people who use verifiable email addresses and/or internet profiles.  If you want to comment anonymously, there are plenty of other sites discussing this topic where that can happen.


  1. Jeff, it must be frustrating to have to deal with accusations of racist discrimination. Clearly, your work speaks much louder than Don Allen's unsubstantiated (in my opinion, downright ridiculous) claims.

    Don Allen is, again, making some serious charges without backing them up. Again, he appears to be throwing out libelous statements.

    Strangely, Don Allen seems to be interested in being a respected member of our community. Yet he continues to do things, like this, that make him hard to respect.

  2. Yes, but when Don Allen says that Al Flowers got a payday in Minneapolis public school system money to the tune of $103,770 what are we to make of THAT?

    See my latest blog post.

  3. I agree with all of the above. Clearly it's time to increase the level of accountability at MPS. Giving away free money to a bunch of poverty-pimps simply won't do.

  4. Ed, thanks for the kind words.

    II and JNS, my position on the contracts with Don Allen is more moderated than yours. See my comments on the Minneapolis Issues Forum topic. I'm glad the TCDP contacted the MPS, and I want to hear more of their reasoning and procedures before making or fully supporting such claims.

  5. hope you saw the Strib today.... He is gettng the $15k and showing the MPS to be fools....


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