Friday, December 17, 2010

Changes Coming to NXNS

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman

In one of my many discussions with friends where we solve the world's problems (or at least the neighborhood's) but then can't seem to remember all of our brilliant ideas the next day, one solution stuck with me. One neighbor was saying how he could find out where a lot of the cutting-edge revitalization was occurring in cities around the country by looking at (wait for it) those cities' blogs. We talked about how there really isn't a central location for people to come together and find out what's been working in other cities that we could try here - or what advantages Minneapolis has over other areas in terms of how we are moving forward.

This reminded me of another project done earlier this year by an organization called Policy Link, called "When Investors Buy Up the Neighborhood."  While that study had some useful information, it was rather top-heavy and aimed at institutions.  I want to get more granular and find out what residents and activists on the ground level are doing to change their neighborhoods and influence those institutions.  So over the weekend, I'll be looking at quite a few blogs from across the country, and tinkering with the layout of this site somewhat.  The plan is to have a "NoMi blog roll" and some kind of "Revitalizer blog roll."

Here's a sampling of some candidates:
Victorian Antiquities and Design
And a blog that I've read before - The Urbanophile

I'm open to suggestions if readers know of others as well.


  1. I love to see change, I can't wait to see what you come up with and how it re-shapes the blog.

  2. This one is pretty hard to top as far as being a lot like what we're trying to accomplish in NoMi.

  3. Why are you repeatedly posting comments from someone named Fernanda Rocha. Obviously, Fernanda Rocha is not coming to your blog to comment.

  4. @ anon 10:53, Several recent comments by F.R. seemed reminiscent of the comments posted on other NoMi blogs by the anonymous troll named Patrick. So far, I've published Fernanda Rocha comments, but will continue to monitor them closely. They've been pretty harmless so far.

    And after your comment, I went and Googled "Fernanda Rocha." If the name were associated with anything vulgar, I would also delete the comments. But the woman is apparently a piece of eye candy on a stupid reality TV show.

  5. But thanks for the heads-up, and if you see any other comments that appear to have sneaked through, feel free to point them out.

  6. An anonymous commenter hinted at who he or she thought anon 10:53 was. That comment was deleted because frankly, I don't feel like allowing an extensive back-and-forth about who's posting what anonymously on my blog.


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