Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The First Honorary Inductee to the NXNS Hall of Fame Is...

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, image from the Detroit Free Press.

In my opening post for this blog, I made a note to myself to add a "Wall of Shame" section. However, just as C.S. Lewis posited that evil, on its own cannot exist without good to define it, a "Hall of Fame" is more relevant to the revitalization efforts documented here.

Before we get to our first nominee, an explanation of the above photo is in order. The Stanley Cup is pretty much the coolest trophy that exists anywhere in the world. And after one championship, one Red Wings' player, Vladimir Konstantinov, was in a tragic car accident. He was left physically and mentally disabled. The Red Wings won the title the following year as well. And when they skated the victory lap, they did so while pushing Vladimir in his wheelchair, with the trophy in his lap.

This, in my opinion, is the single greatest moment involving the best trophy, and I can think of no better honor that I can bestow on my fellow revitalizers. The first recipient of said honor is...


Boathead is a frequent commenter on the Johnny Northside blog. His posts (I'm assuming this is a guy) almost never contain paragraph breaks. They're chock full of sometimes nonsensical rants and always dripping with energy and emotion. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are mere suggestions as he bends the written word to his will. Normally, this bothers me, but Boathead makes it work.

A Boathead post is the blog equivalent of the Kool-Aid man busting on to the scene. Sure he could have been neater and there's a hell of a mess to clean up, but the sugary goodness that follows makes it all worthwhile. Come and break through MY wall, Boathead! OH YEAH.

The floor is now open for other nominations.


  1. Heh. Booooooooooooooooooooooooathead.........!!

  2. I hope you're not making fun of boat head. He's obviously mentally ill and it's not cool to make fun of people like that.

  3. Anon 8:29, I most certainly am not. And I don't think he's mentally ill either. Just passionate with a unique brand of self-expression.