Monday, August 29, 2011

Using New Bike Lanes to Nghia's (Again)

Post, photos, and image by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Once again, I brought my car to Nghia's Auto Service on 42nd and Thomas.  The wheels made this odd, high-pitched sound that would be easy to drown out if you suffered from tinnitus.  A friend who knows her stuff mechanically said she thought it was the wheel bearings, and it should cost between $120-$180 to fix.  I left my car in Nghia's care and asked him to also fill the air conditioning.  That way, even if the car started making funny noises, I could fix the problem myself by rolling up the windows and turning on some music.

Turns out that the wheel coverings were loose, and Nghia tightened them up at no charge.  I'm clueless enough about cars that he could have said something like, "Yeah it was the debentured right axle sprocket that was wearing down.  We fixed that right up for you."  And I would have believed him and paid him for it.

Biking to and from the place, I tried out as much of the new lanes being put in on Fremont Ave N as I could.  Once they're complete, that will totally calm traffic on the street.  It looks like on the one-way segment from Plymouth to 33rd, there will be one lane of traffic, parking, and a bike lane.  All it will take is one car going the speed limit, and the reckless drivers who carom down Fremont at 45 mph will have to slow down.  This will be great for bikers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

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  1. Oh, wow. When I get back from deployment I'm totally using this place as my new mechanic.