Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Battle Against Phone Book Dumping Continues

Post and photo by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

For well over two years, I have battled my nemesis, the Dumpinator 3000, a heartless, faceless villain intent on littering unwanted phone books (and at times, the New York Times) throughout NoMi.  My recovery from Dumpinator-related injuries wasn't always easy, but gradually the Dumpinator lost its power.  In a small, yet significant victory for the Hawthorne Hawkman, the Dumpinator and its minions have largely ceased dropping phone books off at vacant properties.

Instead, the Dumpinator dumped eleven phone books at the corner of 22nd Avenue North and 4th Street North.  The Hawkmobile had an extra heavy-duty garbage bag left over from cleaning up garbage on 4th St.  The waterlogged books weighed down the bag almost to the breaking point, but left the Hawkman undaunted.  And so the increasingly feeble efforts of the Dumpinator 3000 were vanquished yet again.

(And yes, a call to the Yellowbook offices on Monday is in order.)


  1. Nice work on the home front, Hawkman.

    I think we should collect up the phone books and then one day, when we have enough of them, everybody go in a convoy to Dex or Yellowbook headquarters (whose ever phone books they are) and dump them on the front steps, all at once, Deets-style.

  2. John that's exactly what I wanted to do, but I wound up being so effective last year that phone books at vacant properties just aren't a problem this year. I spent some time driving around and looking in various NoMi neighborhoods and I just didn't see much of that.

    Granted, there are the moldering phone books on occupied properties, but if the tenants or owners are too lazy to pick up their own garbage, I'm not going on to their property to do it for them.

  3. Yes Jeff I am sure you were so effective all the phone book companies coward in fear of you. I doubt it had anything at all to do with the whole anti phone book m ovement in general.

  4. Even if that's true, I still played my part.