Monday, February 28, 2011

Beat Down Boys Criminal Complaint

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, photo from the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department.

There has been a long-standing theory put forth by many NoMi bloggers, that when an unscrupulous investor picks up a property though mortgage fraud or slumlord tactics, the property then cycles through a series of such owners.  This has been borne out through Boler/Newell fraud properties being bought by Danna D III and TJ Waconia homes purchased by Robert Serr, among others.  So when the Strib broke the story about the "Beat Down Boys" and their ties to at least seven properties where mortgage fraud occurred, I wanted to find out which houses they were.

I asked on the Minneapolis Issues Forum if anyone could confirm whether the Criminal Complaint document contained the addresses, or if like the Larry Maxwell document, the addresses were partially blocked.  I was told it was the former, so I tracked down the complaint and have reposted it here.  The addresses listed in the Complaint are:

  • 3751 Logan Ave N, Gustafson's home, assault occurred there.
  • 3315 Nicollet Ave S #1, Neuberger's apartment, drug deal negotiated, but did not occur there.
  • 3618 Washburn Ave N, where sale of cocaine occurred.
  • 3414 James Ave N, sale of cocaine occurred.
  • 3638 Sheridan Ave N, home of Jessie Hoff, another member.  Illegal firearms sale occurred there.
  • 2615 Newton Ave N, mortgage fraud, destroyed by fire four months after purchase.
  • 4759 Washburn Ave N, mortgage fraud.
  • 901 Lowry Ave NE, mortgage fraud, foreclosed less than a year after purchase.
  • 3500 Queen Ave N, mortgage fraud, no payment made, home destroyed by arson.
  • 2607 Morgan Ave N, mortgage fraud, foreclosed.
  • 6182 Zealand Ave N, New Hope, mortgage fraud, meeting place for some Beat Down Boys meetings, foreclosed.
  • 3214 Vincent Ave N, mortgage fraud, foreclosed.
Well, I guess they figured out one way to stop the cycle of slumlord/unscrupulous investor ownership; burn the places down.  (Not a tactic endorsed by this preservationist, for the record)

The property info look-up service on the City of Minneapolis website has been acting up, at least on my server.  Links and other information will be added later.


  1. KSTP had the complaint up from moment one.

  2. Silly trolls, baseless accusations are for blogs like JHG. I will respond to one item from the rejected comment though. Why weren't NoMi bloggers all over this from the start? Well, we can't uncover everything, and clearly there was some extensive investigative work done by various levels of government. I, for one, am ENCOURAGED when the MPD, County, and others uncover mortgage fraud and criminal activity that was previously unknown to many in this community. That's one less issue we have to be proactive about.

    So a huge thank you goes out to all the investigators and journalists who worked on the case and uncovered the story before I got around to writing anything.

  3. The Pioneer Press also had the complaint available. I never claimed my posting of that document was exclusive, I just made it available here as well. Anyone who wants to point out other media coverage of this story, keep the references and links coming in.

  4. I swear, Jeff, you read my mind with your emphasis on the North Minneapolis property addresses. I hope you will follow up on this and post pictures and more details about the impact on our neighborhood.

    By the way, just by pulling the property addresses off the PDF and posting them where Google bots can read 'em, you've already done a valuable public service.

  5. I should also point out: I am not, to my knowledge, related in any way to Jesse Hoff despite the same, not-terribly-common last name.

  6. I know several folks near one of these addresses who's peaceful lives have been disrupted by the criminal activities of these guys. Some just loud parties and others had guns in their faces for daring to complain. I grew up here and they were notorious back in the day, as well. Good riddance.

  7. We have a house over on 35th and James and when the Posse boys were a problem, we took care of it. We sent one of the Pattanichio boys from Chi Town over there and the problem went away. It's not what you know but who you know!!!